140126 8am – Next Great Adventure: Death!

2014 PBC Revival: Always Abounding in The Lord – with Pastor Herb Hubbard, from Bible Baptist Church in Savannah, GA. Message entitled: “Next Great Adventure: Death!”

Sunday – 8:30 am Service

Next Great Adventure: Death!

1 Corinthians 15:1-22, 51-58

I. The Reality Of Death, Eternity, And Hope! – I Cor. 15

  1. Why is Christ’s resurrection so important? vs. 12-19
  2. Paul taunts death – vs. 54-57
  3. Hope of resurrection makes it all worth it – vs. 58

II. Attitudes Toward Death

  1. Denial
  2. Laugh it off
  3. Irrational fear
  4. A bridge

III. Fear The Exit

A. Trained for almost everything but death

B. The Exit

  1. Faith must be maintained
  2. Desperation must be avoided
  3. Impatience must be avoided
  4. Complacence must not rule