140126 6pm – Men Called: Faith, Hope, Love, Works!

2014 PBC Revival: Always Abounding in The Lord – with Pastor Herb Hubbard, from Bible Baptist Church in Savannah, GA. Message entitled: “Men Called: Faith, Hope, Love, Works!”

Sunday – 6:00 pm Service

Men Called: Faith, Hope, Love Works!

Mark 2:1-12


  1. Faith is the root of works
  2. Our church must keep the main thing, the main thing!
  3. Everyone wants to reap; few are willing to weep!

I. Commit to Love People – vs. 1-4

  1. Faith is never discouraged by the difficult.
  2. Faith needs to be willing to do the unorthodox.

II. Commit To Cooperate To See Changed Lives – vs. 3-5

  • Cooperate by sharing your time, talent, and tithe!

III. Commit To Face Challenges With God’s Power – vs. 6-12

  • The Gospel will always ask us to do that which man considers impossible!

IV. Commit To Pursue God – vs. 12b

  • No one ever cared for me like Jesus!