Yura & Wendy Popchenko

Central Baptist Church
Yura and Wendy Popchenko


Yura is a native Ukrainian. He and his wife, Wendy, met when Wendy visited Ukraine on a short term missions trip. Married in 2000, their ministry currently involves Bible translation and church planting.  During the week, Yura works on developing his sermons and on translating the Bible into the Ukrainian language. They are working in an established local church in the city of Kiev, but would like to start a church in a small village as an evangelistic outreach of the established church. Their vision for the future is to translate the entire Bible into the Ukrainian language.  Yura is currently working on translating the book of Romans. They are also praying about how to best reach the generations of people that came out of the Soviet Union who do not have basic Bible knowledge critical to understanding salvation such as creation, the fall of man, and redemption.

Birthdays: Yura-6/8, Wendy-7/14, Sashko-1/18, Yurko-6/17, Andriy-8/26

Wedding anniversary: 9/30