Tommy & Donna Duniho

Compassion Ministries
Tommy and Donna Duniho

Compassion Ministries-USA

Tommy and Donna have been missionaries for 35 years. They started out on the mission field in Africa in what was then known as the Belgian Congo. After two civil wars they moved to Belgium in Europe. In 1995 they had to resign because of health reasons and moved to Anderson, SC. God has since opened many doors for ministry. Tommy currently teaches Bible studies and has opportunities to preach and counsel through a drug/alcohol rehabilitation program for both men and women. He currently has a teaching or preaching activity scheduled for six out of seven days every week. The Dunihos intend to keep active in ministry as long as God gives them the health and ability to do so.

Birthdays: Tommy-9/29, Donna-11/02

Wedding anniversary: 6/19