Steve & Connie Zeinner

Bearing Precious Seed Global – USA
Dr. Steve and Connie Zeinner

Bearing Precious Seed Global- USA


Steve and Connie are missionaries with Bearing Precious Seed Global, a local church based Bible translation, printing and distribution ministry that has printed and distributed millions of Bibles and Bible portions all around the world. The Zeinners were missionaries for 26 years as church planters in Mexico and have been working with Bearing Precious Seed for 10 years. Steve is the general director of the mission. Their ministry involves worldwide travel, raising funds for Bible printing and distribution, and corresponding with pastors and translators around the world. The Zeinners’ vision for the future is to see the Word of God get into the hands of as many as possible of those that are hopeless and helpless without the message of God’s Word. It’s a privilege for Plantation Baptist Church to be the Zienner’s sending church and play an important role in spreading God’s printed Word around the world.


Birthdays: Steve-11/28, Connie-12/4

Wedding anniversary: 6/6