Seth & Melissa Acree

Baptist International Missions
Ghana, West Africa
Seth Johnson Acree:

Seth was born into a Christian family on March 14th, 1983. All his life, Seth had the privilege and opportunity of going to church and sitting under the preaching of God’s Word. It was in a Sunday morning service at Maranatha Baptist Church (in Columbus, GA) that Seth realized that he needed to be saved. Instead of going forward during the morning invitation, Seth approached his pastor after the service and voiced his desire to be saved. After making sure that Seth understood what it meant to be saved, Pastor Charles Wetherbee was able to witness a seven year old boy accept Jesus Christ as his Savior. Seth was baptized at Maranatha shortly after he was saved.

As a teenager, Seth attended a missions conference held at Grace Baptist Church in Columbus, GA. Seth accepted the call of God on his life to be a missionary during one of the services. Since then, he prepared for such a life by taking many missions trips and through the education that he received. He would go on to Ambassador Baptist College to receive bachelor degrees in Missions and in Music.

Melissa Renee Acree:

At the age of fourteen, Melissa was invited to attend a teen outreach at Southeast Baptist Tabernacle in Indianapolis, Indiana. Upon attending, Melissa heard what Jesus did for her and  accepted Christ as her personal Savior. Melissa began attending church on-and-off and discipleship was slow. Eventually she understood what baptism was and was baptized at Southeast Baptist Tabernacle.

Her junior year of high school, Melissa’s parents got divorced. For Melissa, the only way to turn for hope was God. She went to The Wilds Christian Camp and surrendered her life to God in missions. Knowing that God had called her to be a missionary nurse, she went to Bob Jones University for her college education. She received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and became a Registered Nurse.

Marriage and Children:

After graduating from Ambassador, Seth felt that the Lord would have him attend Bob Jones University to take additional classes. Three weeks into his first semester there, Seth was hired on staff and became a cafeteria manager for the university’s dining common. While working there, he met Melissa and that summer, they began dating. That Christmas, they got engaged, and on May 31, 2008, they were married. Melissa worked as a nurse at Spartanburg Regional Hospital until pregnancy hindered her from doing so any longer. Seth and Melissa now have three children: Emily Grace Acree, born March 18, 2009; Joel Johnson Acree, born September 23, 2010; Elaina Kathryn “Katie” Acree, born August 4, 2012.