Rudy & Lorraine Johnson

Rudy and Lorraine Johnson


Rudy and Lorraine Johnson recently completed 50 years of ministry in the country of Peru.  They currently work in the Cusco and Pisac area, a city and town located high up in the mountains of Peru. The Johnsons have a church in Cusco and a Christian Camp in Pisac which is their primary ministry focus. At the camp they run a Bilingual School which is open five days a week and also has a radio program. On Saturdays, they have a program called Open Doors where they invite people from all of the villages around to come and play sports and have Bible classes. Please pray for souls to be saved, ongoing building projects at the camp, and land to put a church in Cusco which is very expensive. (The Johnsons work closely with the Duke family who are also our missionaries in Peru.)

Birthdays: Rudy-4/28, Lorraine-1/3

Wedding anniversary: 6/4