Rachel Carlson

Soar International
Rachel Carlson


As a resident of sunny Florida, I could never have guessed that God would eventually lead me to service in Alaska!  As a child of former missionaries, I was exposed to mission work at a young age.

When I was 15 I experienced my first cross-cultural mission trip.  During this time God confirmed my calling to missions.  During the last ten years I have had the blessing of participating in 11 mission trips overseas and several within the US.  These trips included evangelism, vacation Bible schools, dramatic arts, music, teaching English, disaster relief and building projects, discipleship, and food, gift, and clothing distribution.

God has continued to grow and guide me through various ministries at my home church in Florida. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Missions from Trinity College of Florida.  Bible College gave me the opportunity to better define, understand, and share my faith.  My major in missions helped me grasp world cultures and religions, current trends and needs in the unreached world, and strategies to accomplish the Great Commission.

I have spent the summer of 2012 in Alaska with SOAR.  During this time I have been blessed to get to know the staff, assist in several areas of office work, and participate in SOAR’s summer camp trip to Moscow.  I am looking forward to continuing ministry with SOAR in the future.

In September I will return to Florida to begin support-raising, as I hope to return to Alaska as soon as possible.  I am so excited to join SOAR in sharing the gospel with those who’ve never heard, so that “… all the ends of the earth shall see the salvation of our God.” (Isaiah 52:10)