Mike & Linda Casillas

Calvary Baptist
Puerto Rico
Mike and Linda Casillas

Puerto Rico

Mike and Linda Casillas are missionaries to Puerto Rico. From their latest update, it is clear that their ministry is a busy one. After completing classes at their Bible college, they held a graduation banquet at which they recognized seven graduating students. All of those students are either going into full time service or to do graduate work in the States. They enjoyed hosting a youth team from one of their supporting churches that assisted them in doing some work on the college facilities and with services in several churches around the island. Besides all this, they work at a mission church in El Senorial in Rio Piedras. Mike also receives many calls from pastors and missionaries around the island asking him for his advice and counsel on different things relating to the Lord’s work. Mike and Linda are grateful for the privilege that they have to serve the Lord in Puerto Rico.

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