Michael & Tammi Nelson

Michael and Tammi Nelson


Michael and Tammi began serving on the mission field of Australia in 2009. They currently live in the city of Perth where they are working with Michael’s parents, also missionaries, in a church called Gospel Baptist Church. They are actively involved in this growing ministry.

Their vision for the future is to branch out from Gospel Baptist and plant a new church in a developing area of their community. There is an area 35 minutes north of Perth where a brand new city is being developed with a total future population projected at over 220,000.  Michael and Tammi would love to plant a church in that newly developing city. Pray for God’s direction and provision and for many opportunities for them to share the light of the Gospel in the “land down under”.

Birthdays: Michael-3/28, Tammi-12/7, Cayden-10/30, Tait-7/13, Rylee-12/10

Wedding anniversary: 5/21