Lavern & Clara Rodgers

Lavern and Clara Rodgers


Lavern and his first wife, Evelyn, first arrived on the mission field of Japan on May 5, 1950. They were involved in the establishing of 11 churches before Evelyn passed away in 1989.  In 1990, Lavern married Clara Marsden, a missionary whose husband had also passed away. They are presently starting a twelfth church in the city of Hachioji, a neighboring town to Chofu where Lavern started his fifth church over 40 years ago. The Rodgers will have help starting this new work from members of the Chofu church. They will be meeting on Saturday afternoons and gradually begin meeting on Sunday afternoons in the future.  This leaves Bro. Lavern free many Sundays to hold meetings in his “family of churches” – the 11 established churches plus their extension churches. The Rodgers are excited about “Next Town”, a program for planting new churches with the goal of reaching many more Japanese for Christ.

Birthdays: Lavern-7/25, Clara-8/12

Wedding anniversary: 1/12