Jack & Sandra Reiss

Baptist World Missionary Outreach Ministries- USA
Jack and Sandra Reiss

Baptist World Missionary Outreach Ministries-USA

Jack and Sandra Reiss are missionaries with Baptist World Missionary Outreach Ministries, a ministry they founded in 1976 to reach Jewish people with the Gospel. The ministry continues to focus on Jewish evangelism but has expanded to include ministries to Gentile unbelievers as well. Jack was raised in a Jewish home but was saved at a young age after hearing the gospel and accepting Jesus as his Messiah. He currently serves as the director of BWMOM. Aside from administrative duties, their ministry includes speaking in churches,  missions conferences, Jewish evangelism, and holding Passover Demonstrations. Please pray that God would continue to bless and expand the outreach opportunities for the Reiss’ and Baptist World Missionary Outreach Ministries.

Birthdays: Jack-12/27, Sandra-08/16

Wedding anniversary: 5/28