Frank & Karon Auterson

Frank and Karon Auterson


Frank and Karon have been serving the Lord in church planting for 43 years. They served for 9 years in Ethiopia until they were forced by the government to leave the country. From there they went to Papua New Guinea where they served for 20 years, until they were able to return to Ethiopia where they have been faithfully serving for the past 12 years.

Birthdays: Frank-11/22, Karon-9/23

Anniversary: 5/28

Ethiopia/South Sudan Update

January 2014


 As your missionary servants in rural Ethiopia, we have praise and thanksgiving as we have passed into another new year.  We have seen spiritual growth in our small Baptist church here in Fitche.


Recently Karon was able to present the true meaning of Christmas to her students.  Christmas here in Ethiopia is observed on January 7th so we will wait until then to remove the simple Christmas decorations in our home.

Apart from Sunday messages, Frank keeps busy replacing or repairing school equipment, i.e., desks, benches, plumbing, blackboards and playground equipment.

The world’s newest nation, South Sudan is at war with itself, starting in mid-December.  As we write fighting along ethnic tribal lines is still going on.  We have received word that some of our South Sudan Baptist families have come over into Ethiopia to escape the fighting.

PRAY for an upcoming five day pastor training school with our Nuer pastors on both side of the border.  This will take place on the Ethiopia side of the border.  PRAY that through the outreach of the Sudan Baptist churches these displaced folks will turn to the Lord’s salvation.