Erwin & Amy Santoso

Erwin and Amy Santoso

New Zealand

Erwin and Amy Santoso are missionaries in Aukland, New Zealand where they are focused on church planting. Their day to day ministry involves visitation and outreach, hosting Bible studies and discipleship, and meeting with other missionaries and national pastors. They are trusting the Lord for the future of their ministry. Among  their goals are to reach 25,000 people in the city by the end of 2010 with postcards, personal evangelism, and posters in local universities, train church leaders for the ministry, and within five years establish a Bible Institute with other missionaries and national pastors. The Santosos’ vision is to see many more saved and many more Baptist Churches established in New Zealand.

Birthdays: Erwin-7/18, Amy-3/3, Abigail-11/8, Anna-10/10, Adeline-4/11

Wedding anniversary: 12/18