Carlos “Bud” & Pam McCord

Abide International
Carlos “Bud” and Pam McCord


Bud and Pam are missionaries in the country of Brazil. They lead a ministry called Abide International. Headquartered in Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil, their ministry seeks to mentor Christians by encouraging them to abide in Christ. They also run a retreat center in the mountains where they host an average of 11 retreats a year. Bud and Pam are veteran missionaries having been involved in church planting in Brazil from 1979-1987. From 1987-2005, Bud was Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church of West Hollywood, FL. The McCords returned to Brazil in 2005. They are praying that the future will yield more people to mentor for leadership in churches in Brazil and around the world.

Birthdays: Pam-7/11, Bud-2/26

Anniversary: 5/28