Bill & Ann Nealey

Mission to Haiti
Bill and Ann Nealey

Mission to Haiti

Bill and Ann Nealey have been involved in ministry to the country of Haiti for the past 35 years. They started a ministry called Mission to Haiti and currently are responsible for helping 12 different churches in Haiti, each of which also operates a Christian school. They help the churches with their day to day needs and sponsor children to help them attend school and receive a Christian education. About 4,000 children attend these schools. They sponsor 750 kids fully, and provide food and help for the others. The needs met by Mission to Haiti range from helping to build facilities to providing food for needy communities. Above all, preaching the Gospel continues to be the most important part of their ministry. We are happy to be able to call the Nealeys some of our “own” missionaries as they are also members of Plantation Baptist Church.

Birthdays: Bill-5/12, Ann-12/29

Wedding anniversary: 5/24